health updates

The 30 Day DeClutter Challenge
Trying to declutter your life can be overwhelming, but while we are home with less to do, this is the perfect time to tackle it. Make it easier with the 30 Day Declutter Challenge.
Every Kid Healthy Week
While we are all home, there is no better time to teach kids healthy habits. Every Kid Healthy Week offers daily fun activities plus tools and resources for parents and teachers.
Do You Have Hearing Loss?
Do you have to turn the volume up to hear music or TV? You could have hearing loss. March 3rd is World Hearing Day. Download this free app, "hearWHO" to check the status of your hearing.
How The Time Change Affects Your Health
We need sleep for our body to function correctly, think clearly and stay focused, especially when we are behind the wheel of the car. According to the centers for disease control and prevention 15 percent of women and 10 percent of men often feel tired everyday.
Lower Your Risk of Stroke
Dr. Vincent Varghese, Interventional Radiologist at Deborah and Robin Stoloff. Check out the video of the Watchman Procedure
A new FDA approved option for people to help you get off blood thinners is finally here. If you are on blood thinning medicine for atrial fibrillation or a-fib, you have a gre…
Awesome Animals
If your pet has had surgery, an accident or is suffering with arthritis, chiropractic care and rehabilitation can help them get back to living a better life. In our new monthly feature,  Awesome Animals, Dr. Mark Newkirk of Newkirk Family Veterinarians talks about the benefits of…
Swim Workouts
You know the saying..."If you can't stand the heat, get into the pool." Well maybe it doesn't go quite like that, but it should! When it is just too hot to exercise outdoors, taking a dip in the pool, ocean or lake is a great way to keep you fit outdoors during these hot summer days.  Don’…