So how are the kids doing right now?  Better question - how are YOU doing with the kids home all the time?   It might be a challenge to get them to eat healthily, stay active and keep their minds engaged. If you need a little help, this is the perfect opportunity.

Every Kid Healthy Week kicks off tomorrow. It is an annual initiative from Action For Healthy Kids, a national nonprofit dedicated to improving the health of our children.  A big part of their mission is to partner with schools and equip them with the resources they need to help children thrive.

Online Yoga - Action for Healthy Kids

Obviously, with schools closed right now, the focus has been shifted to online programs for kids. With educational tools for teachers and parents, Every Kid Healthy Week offers daily fun-filled activities. You can find activity ideas on their Every Kid Healthy Week resource page, Game On Activity Library, and daily activities streaming on Facebook Live such as Mindfulness Monday, Tasty Tuesday and so on. 

Parents and educators, while we are all home these days, there is no better time to create healthy habits in our kids.  You can check it all out on social media #EveryKidHealthyWeek. We have more info about this initiative and three fun ways to celebrate Every Kid Healthy Week.

Every Kids Healthy Week - Action For Healthy Kids
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    Healthy Food Taste Test

    There is no better way to get our kids to eat healthy food than to turn it into a game. Pick out a bunch of healthy fruits and vegetables and have a blind taste test with your kids. Remember to take note of which ones they like and incorporate them into their diet more. 


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    Create an Outdoor Obstacle Course

    Believe it or not, all you need for this one is some chalk. Make a path full of different tasks for kids to do while following. Some could say spin around 3 times, hop like a bunny, or even cluck like a chicken. It is a fun way to get kids outside for some fresh air and exercise. 

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    Play With Puzzles

    Now that we have eaten healthy and exercised a bit, now it is time to work the mind. If you have younger kids then the simple putting a circle peg in the circle slot is great. But, for older children it is good to challenge them, give them a puzzle that is a little harder for them and just stick around to help them out and cheer them on throughout the whole thing.