If you wake up in the morning still feeling tired or having back pain, you may want to think about the last time you purchased a new mattress. According to Sleep Help, we should be replacing our mattress every 7-10 years. If you’re not sleeping as well as you used to, you might want to look at your mattress as a possible cause. If you’re around the 7-10 year mark and think it may be time to purchase a mattress. 

In addition, we should be flipping our mattress once or twice a year. When is the last time you did that? Consumer Reports says to pay special attention to 10 signs that it is time to replace your mattress. Check them out!

  • The mattress is sagging

  • You often sit on the edges of your mattress.

  • You don’t flip or rotate it at least once a year.

  • If you wake up with sore spots or aching muscles that are not from physical activity.

  • If You wake up with Back pain you may need a different type of mattress to align your spine while you sleep.

  • You toss and turn in your sleep it can be your body trying to find a comfortable spot.

  • If you can feel the springs or they poke through the fabric.

  • There's deep indentations from the spots where you and/or partner sleep.

  • Sleep Help says you might have allergy or asthma symptoms in your bedroom from dust collecting in your old mattress over time.

  • If you’re adding a partner to sleep on your mattress, it may not be comfortable for both people especially if it’s old.