The Mindset Behind Weight Loss
The right mindset is the key to losing weight, according to Nicole Simonin, owner of Shape It Up With Nicole. We discuss the psychology of eating, our habits, and how to make changes.
5 Superfoods for Weight Loss
While we always think about taking foods away from our diet to reduce calories, there are actually some foods that we can add to our diet that can help in our weight loss efforts. Check out these five superfoods that will give you the best weight loss bang for the buck!
Giving Up On Weight Loss?
Do you struggle with losing weight or keeping the pounds off once you do? Studies show Americans are steadily losing interest in losing weight. But you can change that.
Say Goodbye to Harmful Trans Fats
Baked goods, deep fried food, margarine and even some crackers. What do these foods all have in common? Trans-fats. The Institute of Medicine states that steady consumption of trans-fats has led to an alarming increase in heart disease and unhealthy cholesterol levels around the country.

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