The Lite Rock Pet of the Week may have lost one of her nine lives that night while clinging to the railing of the Longport/Ocean City Bridge in a driving rainstorm.  By the time Humane Society of Ocean City manager Angela Coyle pulled over... on the bridge  to rescue her,  Skylark was barely hanging on.

No one knows how the one-year old pure black cat named Skylark came to be on the bridge that night.   Although she was spayed and seemed to be well cared for, no one ever came forward to ask about her.

Skylark is friendly and loving, she would mix nicely with kids and other pets.  Some people are put off by the idea of owning a pure black cat, with illusions of back luck,  voodoo and other foolishness.  But, nothing could be farther from the truth.  One of my all-time favorite pets was a black cat and I survived the experience quite nicely  without ever being cursed.

If you can provide a loving home, please consider adopting Skylark from The Humane Society of Ocean City.  Just think, you'll always have a   good story to tell about her rainy night on the Ocean City/ Longport Bridge!

Listen for the Lite Rock Pet of the Week from the Humane Society of Ocean City Thursday morning at 7:15 a.m.

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