Happy New Year.  Here’s to all those New Year’s resolutions I used to make and, in most cases, break before January was even over. 

It was the same thing every year.  That’s why I stopped making resolutions.  And that’s probably a good thing.

Who needs all that pressure?  Turns out…I do. I need all that pressure.  Or at least I need something. Something to get me motivated, so then at the end of the year I don’t wonder, “So…what did I actually accomplish this year?”.  Wow.  Did I accomplish anything this past year??  Well, I did try surfing (OK, it was only one lesson), but now I’m determined to try again next summer.  And I did get to NYC with my kids (yes, it was only one day), but I want to make it back next year over the holidays.  And I wanted to start writing, which I have managed to do.  True, I have to do it for work, but I love to write, so that’s an easy one.

Other things…not so easy.  And the biggest one would be getting organized.  I believe that deep down I’m an organized person.  But on the outside I’m just a hot mess.  Every year I say I’m gonna get organized, and every year I simply don’t.  But this year’s gonna be different.  And why is that, you ask?  Because I waste way too much time looking for stuff on a regular basis.  I can barely find anything anymore.  And I hate wasting time.  So, I’m really gonna get organized this year.  I figure if I do, then I’ll have more free time.  And more free time means I’ll have more time to play on Facebook.  Great!

Alright, maybe getting my scattered self organized is not such a good thing after all.