Once again, many in New Jersey are thinking about their New Year's resolutions.

We have some advice from an expert on how to actually follow through and keep your resolutions. Here are five tips that will help you stick to those resolutions throughout the year.

1. Take your resolutions seriously

Morristown psychologist Steven Tobias says if you decide to go the resolution route, "take this seriously."

Tobias says he hopes those considering New Year's resolutions really take the time to reflect and think about themselves, their past and their future and what they want for themselves and ways to personally improve.

"I think that people really should take this whole idea of New Year's resolutions very seriously, because it can be a very powerful intervention tool for people," Tobias said.

2. Be realistic about your goals

Tobias said one way to make sure you have a fighting chance of success with your resolutions is to be realistic.

"I think you need realistic and attainable goals," he said.

3. Be specific about your goals

"You can say, 'I want to lose weight,' that is fine, but decide how much weight you want to lose. Is it 10 pounds, 20 pounds? Again, being realistic, but also very specific about it," he said.

4. Tell friends and family what you're hoping to accomplish

He also suggests telling friends and family about your resolutions and having them put pressure on you to make them stick.

"It is interesting that when you make something public, when you tell other people, you feel a little more obligated to follow through. And if it is your own private resolution and you have not told anyone, it is a little easier to avoid it," he said.

5. Put it on the calendar

Tobias suggests another thing to help you accomplish you New Year's resolutions is to put things on your calendar.

"If it is on your calendar, you are more likely to do it," he said. "So if you want to have a better relationship with your spouse, let's say, put, 'date night' on the calendar in ink, and throughout the year. If you want to go to the gym, put it in the calendar. If it is on the calendar, you are going to do it."

A new Rutgers-Eagleton poll finds 1 in 3 New Jerseyans have not made a resolution. But among those who have, health and fitness top the list. The poll shows11 percent of the respondents mentioned staying or getting healthy and 8 percent saying something about losing weight. Also, 3 percent in the poll said they want to strive for good health in general, while 3 percent also hope to quit smoking.

According to the Rutgers-Eagleton poll, 5 percent made a resolution about money, spending less or saving or making more. In addition, 7 percent in the poll said they resolved to be a better person in 2016, while 3 percent said their resolution is to achieve peace and happiness.

Joe Cutter is the afternoon news anchor on New Jersey 101.5.