hero30/thinkstock[/caption]Can you believe it's the 40th anniversary of the movie "Jaws"??  And to celebrate, it's showing in select theaters today, including Regal Cinemas Hamilton Commons 14 in Mays Landing.  And I don't know about you, but I for one am pretty darn excited (and a little scared)!

If you're like me (and you're as old as me!), you totally remember going to see the movie 40 years ago.  The movie lived up to all the hype, and then some.  Although I didn't live anywhere near the beach when I saw it, I ended up visiting my big sister in Newport, RI shortly after I saw "Jaws".  And let me tell you...no one was going near the water, especially yours truly.  It probably didn't help that there had been a shark sighting a few days before I went up there.  And the movie was so realistic, you really can't blame people.  Last night a friend told me that he and his brother started taking scuba lessons before seeing "Jaws".  After seeing it, no more scuba lessons for them.  LOL.

So tonight I'm going to find out if "Jaws" has the same effect on me that it did 40 years ago.  The difference is that now I live near the beach and pretty much go to the beach whenever I'm off.  And if I never get in the water this summer, blame it on the movie.  :)