Last year we spent over $2 billion dollars on deals on Cyber Monday. This year will even be bigger as shoppers hunt for bargains online.

Cyber Monday is upon us with a chance for you to save big. Unfortunately, there are also hackers shopping right alongside you.

Here are a few tips to keep your online activities safe and secure and to stay one step ahead of online hackers.

1. Keep your Email Account Clean: Your inbox is filled with personal and private information.  Don't click on a URL you receive in an email, especially one from a merchant or bank. Cyber Monday is a BIG day for hackers to trick you into clicking on a link and entering your login and password. The site could be fake.

2. Use Your Credit Card instead of a Debit Card.   If you have to report a fraudulent transaction,  the banks and stores are liable for fraud, not you.

3. Change Your Password.  Passwords you would use to do your banking should not be the same password used on shopping sites for Cyber Monday. Password reuse is even more dagerous then using a simple password.

4.  Make Sure Your Browser is Up to Date: It's extremely improtant to keep up with monthly security updates.