Black Friday is less than a week away. There's no question that the first traditional day of Christmas shopping has lost some of its magic for the 2017 Christmas season.  

According to, Black Friday has lost its crown as the busiest shopping day of the year to Cyber Monday. Last year, Cyber Monday took in over $3.5 billion in sales which was about $100 million more than Black Friday 2016.

According to the report, more people also shop for holiday deals throughout  the year thanks to the sales you can find online and special days like  Prime Monday from Amazon.

My wife and I were never fans of getting up and four in the morning and dealing with the Black Friday crowds. Most of her shopping these days, comes from online deals on the web.

Black Friday sales surged back in the 80's but, sales have lagged in the past couple of years. You can still get a great deal on Black Friday 2017 according to The Black including, electronics, iPads, phones, laptops, toys and so much more.

Will you head out on Black Friday to find holiday bargains?


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