This is more funny stuff from the writers at BuzzFeed, specifically Laura Parker in her BuzzFeed column, "What Girls Say & what They actually Mean".  




Here's some of Laura's list...




Do I look OK? — If you say anything other than yes, I’ll be upset.

Is this cute? — Again, say yes.

I’m fine. — I’m not fine.

Nothing is wrong. — There’s definitely something wrong.

I’m over it. — No, I’m not.

I, like, honestly don’t even care. — I care so much.

Wait, are you not eating? — You better be eating.

I don’t want to be the only one eating. — I don’t want to look like all I think about is food. (It is.)

This salad is so filling. — I would give anything for a burger.

I’m on a diet. — I haven’t eaten today… yet.

I hate makeup. — I am so freaking thankful that makeup exists.

Being a girl sucks. — I’m on my period.

I hate boys. — A boy pissed me off.

It’s my cheat day! — Every day is a cheat day.

It’s not my fault it takes me so long to get ready in the mornings. — It’s definitely my fault because I got on Facebook.

I love your dress. — I’m pissed that you bought it before me.

I think I have something going on that night. — I have nothing going on except Netflix, butI don’t really want to hang out.

Do you think I’m emotional? — Do you think I’m crazy?

Am I overreacting? — I know I’m overreacting but I want you to support me anyway.

Things got weird between us. — They haven’t texted me in like, a day.

We’ve been through so much together. — We got into a fight one time.

I honestly don’t know what I would do without him!! — I’d probably be fine.

I’m not really hungry. — I’m starving.

I’ll only eat one piece of candy. — * eats the whole bag *

I rolled out of bed today. — I spent at least 40 minutes trying to make it look like I made no effort at all.

I have nothing to wear. — I have multiple things I could wear but I don’t currently like any of them.

I love being single. — Being single is fine until I’m watching a rom-com alone.