The new comedy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, premiering this week on FOX TV,  matches SNL's Andy Samberg and veteran actor Andre Braugher as bickering cops in a New York City precinct house. Hilarity ensues.  Or, at least that's the hope at FOX TV.

In real life, work often forces us in to some strange pairings, too.  Sometimes those work relationships are funnier than your average sitcom.

Courtesy of the creators of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and BuzzFeed, here's a list of "11 Co-workers Everyone Has".

Check the list and let me know in the comments section if you work with any of these types.

1. The Clinger- This co-worker says things like "What are you laughing at? SHOW ME." "Oh, can I join you for lunch? BFFs!"

2. The One-Upper- Oh, were YOU working on that brief? I might have already sent a draft to my boss and cc'd your boss and also highlighted errors from your last three emails.

3. The Klutz- No matter what he's doing, The Klutz always manages to have something wrong with him - whether it's a self-inflicted injury or just the world conspiring against him.

4. The Downer- Apparently the world just rains problems onto this person's head.

5. The Jokester- You can spot The Jokester by his "zingers" and his insistence that "that's what she said" is making a comeback.

6. The Cheerleader- "8 a.m. meetings? They're the greatest." "Office retreats? The greatest." "Six-hour all-staff meetings? Super the greatest."

7. The Office Crush- Not very productive, but who really cares when they're so nice to look at?

8. The Image-Obsessed- This person is very focused on looking like they're doing a great job. Whether or not they're actually doing a great job is less important.

9. The Health Nut- This co-worker enjoys going to the gym, drinking green juice, and talking about how much they go to the gym while judging everyone who doesn't drink green juice…

10. The One Who's Always "Sick"- But really, when is the last time they were in the office? Do they still work here?

11. The Creative One- "Oh, this is just my day job," they repeat again and again, handing you seemingly endless flyers for their gallery opening/DJ night/improv show/interactive face painting exhibit.