Who hasn't gotten so caught up in something you were watching on television, you started to shout or gesture at the TV?  Would it make you feel any better if the TV understood what you were yelling at it and could do something about it?

Apple is working ...on a TV called the "iTV" which will feature real-time video process control that uses gestures.  These gestures could be used, for example, to edit videos or transfer footage from the TV to a telephone.

Similar technology can already be found in Xbox gaming systems, but this new TV controlling facility in development by Apple is believed to have more uses.

The late Steve Jobs was quoted in a posthumous biography saying: "I'd like to create an integrated television set that is completely easy to use."
I don't know if this is what Mr Jobs intended, but I'm envisioning a day when angry Eagles football fans could actually  let the coach and the team know how unhappy they are just by they screaming at the TV.    You're already screaming at it, so why not get a little real satisfaction?