A famous personal trainer, pregnant with her fifth child, has said that women need to have a bikini photo shoot in order to inspire them to get in shape after giving birth.

In an article with the Daily Mail, U.K.,the trainer, Australian Sharny Kieser,  said that women need something to motivate them to lose the weight or else they may never lose it.

Although Keiser, dubbed "Fitmum", says she has her own body discomforts, she thinks that buying that goal bikini is what helped keep her in shape after giving birth.

While her comments are resulting in a bit of social media backlash,  Kieser has responded to say that she didn’t mean to offend anybody.

What's your reaction to this, ladies?  Were you or will you be ready to give us a good bikini photo shoot in the months after giving birth? Is this a realistic goal?  Leave your comments below.