Need a bump in your paycheck? Consider applying for one of the ten most overpaid jobs in America, according to Rick Newman of U.S. News & World Report, posted on Yahoo.

  • Consulting software engineer (median mid-career salary: $123,000)
  • Brand strategist ($90,700) Interaction designer ($116,000)
  • Marketing research director ($122,000)
  • Accounting consultant ($81,700)
  • Portfolio analyst ($81,800) Wholesaler
  • Financial services ($109,000)
  • Patent attorney ($170,000)
  • Investment consultant ($111,000)
  • Data scientist, IT ($133,000)

Do you work in one of these jobs or another line of work where you actually think your overpaid?  How about a job where you are underpaid?  Now we can talk!  Either way, leave your comments below....