Whether you're just graduating from school or looking to switch careers, you might want to stay away from one of the ten most underpaid jobs... in the US.

Here is the companion piece to a blog I posted a few days ago about the Ten Most Overpaid Jobs in America.

I heard from several people this week who said they didn't have have of those well-paying jobs. Well, maybe you can find your profession here.

A few things surprise me with this list.  Every job on this list is really a career, not just a job.  They should pay accordingly, but they don't.

The types of jobs listed say something about what we value in society, and, apparently it's not raising and caring for children, or for those with social or medical problems.  Again, we seem to have our priorities a little twisted.

This information is from Author Rick Newman, whose latest book is Rebounders: How Winners Pivot From Setback To Success. It was taken from Yahoo,  from an original article in U.S.News & World Report. The salaries reflect the median, mid-career salaries for each position.

1. Assisted living coordinator - $36,900

2. Daycare Director - $32,100

3. Police, Fire or Ambulance Dispatcher - $39,300

4. Office Nurse - $42,700

5. Medical Insurance Coordinator - $34,600

6. Lead Pharmacy Technician - $34,900

7. Veterinary Technician - $32,800

8. Social Worker - $42,300

9. Emergency Medical Technician / Paramedic - $39,600

10. Artistic Director - $48,200