Health Update With Robin Stoloff

Learning CPR with American Red Cross
Anyone can learn CPR and everyone should. When properly and promptly performed, CPR can dramatically improve a person’s chance of survival. Check out this video from the CEO of the American Red Cross NJ.
Exercise and Apps
Whether you are a hardcore weight lifter or just like to take walks, there is a fitness app for you. Who needs a personal trainer when you have a cell phone? Here are the top fitness apps.
Three Habits Your Teens Need to Break
If you have a teenager you wouldn’t be surprised that a recent study found that only 5% of them are exercising enough, limiting their screen time or getting their needed amount of sleep. All three of these behaviors have been linked to negative consequences for the health of teens, including …
Quick and Healthy Breakfast for Kids!
It’s National School Breakfast Week. This is a week where schools across the nation promote healthy options to kids. The week also highlights how important breakfast is to start off our kids day. Here are some fun breakfast ideas!
The Health Benefits Of Our Environment
Being outdoors gives us the opportunity to have not only a moment of peace but also to improve our overall health. Who knew being outside had more benefits than just getting fresh air and some vitamin D? Our environment has the ability to help with a broad number of problems, ranging from anxiety di…
This is the start of NO MORE week which coincides with International Women’s Day on March 8th and is aimed at inspiring everyone to help create a culture of safety, equality, and respect in our communities. Silence and lack of knowledge about domestic violence and sexual assault play a large …

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