The Benefits of Walking
Walking is often underrated as a form of fitness, but it is one of the easiest exercise to do. Here are some benefits of walking for your mental and physical health.
How To Make Your Workouts More Effective
Are you basically doing the same workout every time you exercise? Our body adjusts to whatever we do continuously so doing the same cardio and strength workouts becomes less of a challenge over time Here is how to make your workout more exciting and effective,
The Future of Fitness with Sara Kooperman
Fitness is more than just looking good; it is a lifestyle that affects everything we do. Over the years, the fitness industry has exploded emphasizing nutrition, active aging, and healthy living. Here is how you can be a part of it.
4 Workout Apps for Men
For men, working out at home may be a little more complicated as a yoga mat and a resistance band may not cut it. Here’s a list of four workout apps specifically geared towards men.

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