6 tips for a healthier, more effective run!
Are you an avid runner? Running has many benefits and is a fantastic calorie-burner that will keep you lean. But how much running is too much and how does it affect your body? When it comes to intense workouts, more is not always better.
South Jersey Parks and Trails You Need to Discover
This summer, instead of hitting the treadmill for your daily or weekly dose of aerobic exercise, you might want to try something a little more...natural.
We know about the boardwalk and beaches, but here are links to some beautiful South Jersey trails and parks.
Exercise and Apps
Whether you are a hardcore weight lifter or just like to take walks, there is a fitness app for you. Who needs a personal trainer when you have a cell phone? Here are the top fitness apps.
The Mental Health Benefits of Exercise
Exercise has more than just physical benefits. It has been proven to help with insomnia, depression, anxiety and many more mental health issues. Here are ten ways physical activity can improve your brain.

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