Ed Snider, the billionaire entrepreneur who co-founded the Flyers has died at 83 after a long battle with bladder cancer. 

Mr. Snider, known as one of the most enthusiastic sports owners in Philadelphia history and chairman of the Flyers' parent company, Comcast-Spectacor, was named to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1988 and over the years received numerous honors for his philanthropy and business success.

Here is a statement from The Snider Family released on the Flyers website this morning...

“We are deeply saddened to announce that our father, Ed Snider has died after a two year battle with cancer. He was 83.

Our Dad was loved and admired for his big heart, generosity of spirit, and dedication to his family. Despite his considerable business achievements and public profile, he was first and foremost a family man. He never missed a birthday, important family event or the opportunity to offer encouragement. We turned first to him for advice in our personal and professional lives. We grew up tagging behind him in arenas, stadiums and locker rooms; and his players, management and team personnel were our extended family. He treated his employees with respect regardless of rank or position, and the man they called “Mr. Snider” always would have preferred simply to be called “Ed.”

From him we learned the importance of helping others and the value of supporting our community and beyond. He was a man with deep convictions and never hesitated to promote causes in which he believed. His children and grandchildren will continue his philanthropic mission for years to come through the work of the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation (Snider

Hockey) and the Snider Foundation. Revered in his adopted city of Philadelphia, we too were captive in the orbit of his brilliant light and magnetic personality."


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Source: Flyers