"What took so long? It's about time!"

They were my comments to Northfield Community School Choir Director Mary Beth McGrath after we finally had a listen to her outstanding Select Choir during their first-ever appearance today on the Lite Rock Morning Show.


Why did it take nine years for the school just down the street from us to finally join the choir rotation during the holidays on Lite Rock?  I'm not sure, but we obviously have been missing out. They were wonderful!

The Northfield Community School Choir was Friday's Christmas Choir Spotlight and 35 members were on hand to entertain Lite Rock listeners by singing holiday favorites.

If you are reading this on Friday, December 5th, let me recommend you catch them at Northfield's Christmas Tress Lightning ceremony tonight at 7pm at City Hall.  If not, the choir's Winter Concert will be Tuesday December 16th at 7pm at the school.

The Lite Rock Christmas Choir Spotlight series features a different South Jersey school choir every weekday until Christmas on the Lite Rock Morning Show with Eddie Davis.

Here is video of the Northfield Community School Select Choir performing in the Lite Rock studios...