Is your right to keep a wood stove burning to stay warm more important than your neighbor's right not to have to breathe the smoke from that wood stove?

That's the basic question in the argument between Marmora neighbors Shari Troiano and John Huber.

The question went in front of a Superior Court judge in September after Haber, who is a lawyer, filed suit, saying the smoke from the wood stove drifting on to his property was harmful to his health.

The judge agreed with Huber, issued a preliminary injunction preventing Troiano from starting a fire or adding any new wood from 6-10 p.m. on weekdays, with an additional prohibition between 9 a.m. and noon on weekends and holidays. The backyards of Troiano’s and Huber’s properties border each other.

Shari Troiano thinks she's been done wrong, telling Columb Higgins from the Upper Township Gazette that the wood-burning stove insert is EPA-certified and the only affordable way she can keep her house warm in the winter.

Recently, a friend of Troiano's started a page to help pay for her lawyer's fees, and, if necessary, for the installation of gas heat for her home.

As of January 13th, the gofundme page had exceeded its stated goal, with 128 people pledging $5210.

The comments section of the page has also turned into a forum for peoples' differing views on the burning of wood stoves.

While I am sympathetic to Shari Troiano's position about having the right to keep yourself warm any safe and affordable way you see fit, I ultimately have to agree with John Haber's argument that his family's health should not be compromised for his neighbors comfort.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency’s website, studies have shown particulate matter exposure from wood-burning fires is linked to asthma, cancer and other illnesses.

Imagine having to worry about toxic smoke constantly drifting on to your land and into your home all winter? It's time for Shari Troiano to put out the fire. She should take what's left in her page and install gas heat.

What are your feelings on the wood-burning stove dispute?  Tell me in the comments section below.