I decided to go see the premiere of the new Led Zeppelin concert film ‘Celebration Day’. And what an adventure it was. I had no idea where the theater was, so I got directions online.  And no, I don’t have a GPS.  It’s just a distraction to me.  Besides, how hard can it be to find a big movie complex, right?

I was actually pretty excited about the film.  Seeing Robert Plant on his solo tour was the closest I ever came to a Led Zeppelin concert.  So I printed directions and headed out.

I didn’t get very far though, when I realized I couldn’t read the directions without my glasses.  Wow, I am getting old.  So back home I went, to fetch my glasses and finally get on the road.

The trip was easy enough…until I got off the expressway.  The directions were a bit vague after that, and I couldn’t read them while I was driving.  So after what seemed like way too long with no cinema in sight, I pulled into a gas station.  Surely someone there could help me.  But the guy there apparently did not understand a word of English.  What are the odds??  I thought maybe I’d stop somewhere else and ask.  And BTW before I go any further with my story, let me just say I am not one to judge.  But after driving past three tattoo parlors within a one-mile radius, I figured this might not be the best neighborhood to stop and ask for directions at night.  Plus, by then I decided that I had missed the beginning of the film anyway, so I might as well head home.

That’s when I realized how deceiving those expressway signs can be.  The signs are everywhere, even when the expressway is clearly nowhere to be found.  I thought I might at least stop at a diner to eat, and maybe that would lead to an even better adventure.  But that never happened either, and the real adventure turned out to be finding the expressway entrance.

However, my little road trip wasn’t a complete waste of time.  It gave me a chance to think…and I think I’d better get me a GPS before my next adventure.