No matter how alarming things may appear today around Upper Township Elementary School, you urged to remain calm. It is only a drill.

An Upper Township Emergency Management Exercise will take place in and around the Upper Township Elementary School and this neighborhood beginning at 10am today, Friday Oct. 7

Here's the official update from the Upper Township web page concerning today's exercise...

"This full scale event will last approximately 3.5 hours.  This public notice is being provided to ensure that our exercise activities cause minimal disruption to your regular neighborhood activities.  However, due to the scope of the exercise we recognize that there may be some minor inconveniences during this period:


  • Higher than normal emergency response vehicles in your area (Fire & Rescue).
  • Use of emergency sirens (during initial response and transport only).
  • Change in normal traffic patterns and some road closures – (you will not be prohibited from access to your property. But may be assisted by emergency personnel).
  • Increased presence of emergency response personnel (Fire & Rescue).
  • Increased presence of local media personnel.
  • Increased presence of military personnel.
  • “Simulated” injuries of role playing victims.
  • Increased presence of NJSP & County Prosecutors Office law enforcement personnel.
  • Larger command vehicles and Incident Command operations units and personnel.

It is important to remember that this exercise, as with any training exercise, is performed to better prepare the emergency personnel of Upper Township Fire & Rescue, Emergency Management, the officers of the NJSP Troop “A” and surrounding communities and County support agencies to cope with any and all emergencies when they occur.  We want to assure you in advance. That any potential inconvenience as a result of our Emergency Management exercise activities will be minimal.

Please remember that it is only an Emergency Management exercise!

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact our Upper Township Emergency Management office at, 609-628-2011 ext. 200.

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