The secret to a happy marriage is kissing and saying 'I love you' 10 times a week and going on three dates a month.

A study of 1,000 married Americans also found three surprise romantic gestures and 10 deep and meaningful conversations each month are key to a harmonious relationship.

Having three shared hobbies and interests and going on two vacations a year are also among the requirements for romantic bliss.

AND... Many Americans believe the secret to a perfect marriage is accepting each other's faults, trust and, importantly, being able to say sorry.

A spokesman for researchers said: 'Anyone can get married, but it takes a lot of commitment and effort to make your marriage a perfect one.


Saying 'I love You' ten times a week

Kissing 10 times a week

7 cuddles a week

Sex three times a week

10 deep and meaningful conversations a month

3 Dinner or a date nights a month

2 drinks together a month

3 arguments a month

3 surprise romantic gestures a month

2 nights out on their own with friends each month

Cuddle up in front of the TV together six times a month

2 vacations together each year

2 mini-vacations each year

3 shared hobbies and interests.

Exhausted? Do you agree with some or all?  What would you include or leave off of this list?  Tell me in the comments section below.