A new study finds couples are spending more money than ever before on their big day...with the average wedding costing $26,989!

The study in Brides Magazine found the average cost of a wedding this year... is up over $8000 from 2002.

It also found that $1,335 is the average  cost of a brides gown.  The bridesmaid gets off relatively easy in comparison- the average dress is just $145.

Here are some other 2012 wedding trends according to Brides Magazine (If you are getting married this year, I'd like to know how close you're coming to these statistics.  Tell me in the comments section below)

20% of couples get engaged in December.

19% marry in June.

Average time of engagement is now 14.7 months (down from 15.4 in 2011).

The size of the average wedding guest list is 153

Most brides have two bridal showers.

Sit-down meals (42%) are just as common as buffets (41%).

The average cost for photography is $2,186 (up from $2,087 in 2011).

The average cost of the ring is $1,594.

The average cost of the wedding cake is $486.

31% serve custom-made cocktails.