1. Shop Early for DVC points so you will have a better chance at getting the room you want.
  2. Never buy tickets from people you do not know are reputable. Scammers use Craigslist and Ebay to trick people into buying invalid tickets and if you end up with an invalid ticket from them, Disney is not responsible.
  3. When scheduling transportation from Universal, you will need to do so at least two hours in advance. If you want to be picked up at 5pm, you will need to call the number to the bus line (given to you when tickets are purchased) by 3pm. There are also several different times available throughout the day to get dropped off at the park.
  4. The Entertainment Book is great for coupons for many different things such as food, activities, and services. They also have an app which will digitally give you coupons and discount codes to use within Disney and the surrounding areas to save you a few extra dollars.