Tax season is in full swing, and so is the surge of IRS phone scams that circulates during filing season. Yesterday, my wife and I received a voice message from the IRS that made our hearts skip a beat.

Here's the message we received:

For some reason, my wife decided to call the number given at the end of the phony message. She immediately got through to someone with a foreign accent that demanded to know why we were ignoring repeated requests by the IRS to pay an outstanding tax bill of over $4,800.

The phony IRS agent then proceeded to badger my wife and wanted to know if we were willing to go to court in Washington to fight the IRS. The scammer would even send a cop car to our house in 45 minutes to take us straight to D.C. My wife mentioned that she was also was calling the police right now to report this call, which she did. The phony IRS agent immediately hung up on her as soon as she said the word police.

The cops did show up at our house to take the phony IRS number, they also said they were receiving a record number of calls concerning this IRS scam.

According to the IRS website, fake IRS agents are calling people and demanding immediate payment. Scammers will threaten you in order to get you to pay up. They will threaten you with deportation, an arrest, or they will try to revoke you license.  The IRS does NOT make phone calls demanding payment. They will never ask you for a credit card or debit number over the phone. If you think you are being scammed, hang up immediately.