People from New Jersey are known for being tough and thick skinned, but there are few things that cross a line and shake us to the core. So what are these few things that you should never utter to someone from South Jersey?

We asked you what someone should never say to you aka someone from South Jersey. The answers that poured in made us nod in agreement. Of course the obvious choice was Taylor ham, but some of the responses made us laugh. Here are 7 things someone should never say to a South Jerseyan according to you.

  • TSM

    "Wawa sucks."

    Honestly, my blood boils just thinking of someone saying this to me. There are people who like Wawa and then there are people who are wrong. Don't be wrong.

  • Thinkstock

    "You don't sound like you're from Jersey."

    This goes hand in hand with, "You talk funny."

  • Thinkstock

    "North Jersey has better pizza."

    Pizza is a hot button issue when it comes to people from New Jersey. North and South Jersey are divided by pizza and pork roll. Don't get us started on either.

  • Thinkstock

    "Hi, I'm from New York."

    This one was just down right funny.

  • Tom Pennington, Getty Images

    "Go Cowboys."

    Don't go there. This will ruin friendships, relationships, and families.

  • Thinkstock

    "Ha, ha, you're from JOISEY?"

    UGH! That annoying accent people put on when you tell them where you're from... Why do they think that's funny? Have they ever heard anyone talk like that before? Joisey? Really?

  • Thinkstock

    "Calm down."

    This is a surefire way to escalate the situation to full on rage. Telling us to calm down is the worst possible thing you can say.