Add that special touch to your Christmas tree this year with a little South Jersey flair. Nothing will show your South Jersey pride like hanging a pork roll ornament on your tree. If you aren't crafty, never fear that's what the internet is for. Put down the hole puncher, no need to punch a hole in your pork roll packaging to hang it up. There are some pretty cool pork roll ornaments out there.

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Check out these 6 pork roll ornaments.

  • CreatedByCassie via Etsy

    Pork Roll Mini Glass Ornament

  • CreatedByCassie via Etsy

    Pork Roll Ornament - Flat Glass and Ceramic

  • KevinPGora via Etsy

    Pork Roll Slice Ceramic Ornament

    The description of this ornament is confusing, "Celebrate your Jersey Pride with a Taylor Ham™ ornament complete with authentic notches! (You know you like pork roll...)" They used Taylor ham and pork roll in the same section... I'll give them the benefit of the doubt that they wrote it that way for search result purposes.

  • CreatedByCassie via Etsy

    Pork Roll Ornaments - Plastic

  • iHeartPorkRoll via Etsy

    Personalized Wooden Pork Roll Ornamnet

    They say personalized gifts are the best, so that means a personalized pork roll gift is even better right? The Etsy store that this ornament comes from is dedicated to pork roll.

  • CreatedByCassie via Etsy

    Pork Roll Ornament with Jersey Shore Sand