I know what you are thinking. Why is a man doing a blog about women and their naked bodies?  What possible expertise could a guy bring to that subject?

Well, first of all, the information isn't  mine; it's the result of an independent survey done in England and reported in the U.K. Mail Online.

Secondly, I would argue that after the gal herself, no one is more interested in information about a woman's naked body than a man.

Anyway the survey found that.... 34 is the most common age when women feel happiest with their bodies.

34 may not be the age when you are your thinnest or fittest, but it is the age where you finally accept all of your quirks and imperfections.

So when you do find body acceptance, what will your favorite body parts tend to be?

Women that took part in the survey said their proud of their breasts, legs and shoulders.

What part of their body would they still like to change?

The most common answer was the stomach. See more here.