"You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince."  If you believe some new research from England,  we can now put some numbers to that oft-quoted line from the classic fairy tale "The frog Prince".  Just how many frogs will you have to kiss?

According to the Daily Mail.com, the average woman will kiss 15 men, enjoy two long-term relationships and have her heartbroken twice before she meets the one.

Researchers surveyed 2,000 people who already claim they met their true love. They found while the average woman will kiss 15 men, the average man will kiss 16 women before meeting their soulmate.

Both men and women will have four disastrous dates before settling down while women will have seven sexual partners and men will have 10.


Number of relationships - Women 7, Men 8

Disaster dates - Women 4, Men 4

Blind dates - Women 2, Men 3

Stood up on a date - Women 1, Men 2

Online dates - Women 2, Men 3

Number of kisses - Women 15, Men 16

Sexual partners - Women 7, Men 10

One night stands - Women 4, Men 6

Partners lived with - Women 1, Men 1

Falling in love - Women 2, Men 2

How do your dating/relationship experiences compare to these findings?  Are you above or below average?  Tell me in the comments section below.