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Go Bananas
You know the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” ? Well that may go for bananas too. Bananas are filled with tons of nutrients such as vitamin C, potassium, fiber and much more. But that is just the start.
Dessert Recipes To Feel Good About
Cookies, cakes and candy are everywhere this time of year. But what if you can actually enjoy all your favorite desserts and feel a little better about it? If you are the one doing the cooking, there are lots of ways to make your favorite recipes healthier.
Healthy Holiday Traveling
Almost 75% of all Americans travel over the holiday season, if you are one of them, you know it can take a toll on your health.  Whether you're traveling on the road or getting on a plane for a longer trip, preparing in advance can help you avoid some of the toughest travel pitfalls.
Do You Worry Too Much? Take This Quiz.
People who struggle with worrying know that trying to stop will mostly likely only cause them to stew even more. Most of us worry about something from time to time, but how do you know when you are actually worrying too much?
5 Ways to Stay Healthy During The Holidays
The holidays are full of family, fun and lots of food..  If you are already squeezing into your clothes well it has only just begun.  We are just at the start of the season of eating. So how do we stay healthy and maintain our fitness during this time of year?
Why Are My Lips Always Chapped?
When we’re bundled up in our winter gear there is usually one body part that is exposed, and that is our lips.  The cold and wind can cause our lips to become severely dry if we don't take care of them, but there is something we can do about it.
Stay Healthy on Black Friday
Once we have had our last piece of turkey and pumpkin pie this Thursday, many of us will sleep like babies, and if you plan to shop the next day for Black Friday, you will need your rest.
How to Muddle Through Colds
The common cold is called common for a reason, it is one of the most prevalent illnesses we can get. Although most are mild and resolve in a short time, they can be brutal until they do. The runny nose, scratchy throat, and nonstop sneezing - we can't miss the signs.

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