Do you suspect that your significant other is cheating? No need to track down a private investigator, an expert is sharing the top 10 signs that you’re being lied to.

Life and relationship coach, Sloan Sheridan-Williams told MailOnline: 'Most girls find it hard to tell if their boyfriend did in fact cheat. Emotions are involved and men can seemingly be “expert liars” when they have something precious to lose or are they?


1. It takes them a while to answer your questions

2. They use fillers like um, ah, uh huh

3. They become defensive and deflect

4. They avoid eye contact and blink more than usual

5. They swallow and clear their throat often

6. They fidget

7. They shrug

8. They become overly informative

9. They show sings of relief when you begin to believe their stories

10. Their posture is defensive