The intense rain over the weekend caused flooding in many places throughout New Jersey.

Check out the insane video of a flash flood inside the park at Six Flags Great Adventure!

American Amusement Park Museum and Club shared video on Facebook showing the Adventure Alley section of the park, near the Big Wheel (ferris wheel) and SkyScreamer swings. (Let's just note, considering that these rides run on electric power, I don't know how smart it was to go wading through this water to catch a video...and I don't suggest doing this.)

The flooding extended over to the fountain area as well.

The park was not closed, but customers were directed around flooded areas, and some of the affected stores and rides were closed.

A spokesperson from Six Flags adds:

The park experienced temporary flooding yesterday due to extreme weather. We received a heavy volume of rain in a short period of time. There are parts of the park that gather more rain water given changes in elevation. Just like the gutters on your house in a heavy rain storm, the drains in those areas cannot always handle the volume at one time.


The park remained open, and rides reopened once the weather subsided. The safety of our guests and employee is our No. 1 priority, and no one was injured."

Apparently Mother Nature was trying to expand Hurricane Harbor?