There are rumors we could see some snow this Friday, and you know what that means - the usual suspects are out on social media!

Do you know the 10 people you'll encounter before a snowstorm?

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images
  • 1

    The Instigator

    Your one friend who’s always posting awful spammy things and has definitely shared something about the “epic snowfall” we’re set to get in two weeks, even when it's entirely too early to predict anything but the sun's eventual rise. You will roll your eyes at them (and their posts) for the umpteenth time.

  • 2

    The Weather Geek

    Every amateur meteorologist from here to eternity comes out of the woodwork with their master predictions and decision to overhype or keep the calm. Your friend may be good or bad at this hobby.

  • 3

    The Bread-and-Milkers

    Similar to the Instigators, these people are always freaking out about everything, and have ‘Chicken Little’ syndrome. They are already clearing out the grocery store shelves to prepare for impending doom.

  • 4

    The Antagonist

    This is the person who sarcastically comments, “BREAD AND MILK!” to make fun of the B&Ms.

  • 5

    The See-Sawer

    This person goes back and forth between telling the Instigators to calm down, asking the Weather Geeks for their predictions, and wondering if they should go to the grocery store…

  • 6

    The Optimist

    This person is nothing but excited about the coming snow. They are entirely too happy all the time. (We could probably learn from them.)

  • 7

    The Pinterest Moms

    They post all the AWESOME (and completely over-the-top) things you can do with the kids when it snows. “Make ice cream with real snow!” “Make frozen marbles with balloons!” “Kool-Aid Snow Paint!” (All real things, btw.)

  • 8

    The No-Patience-For-This Moms

    These moms see the posts from the Pinterest moms, mutter expletives, and pray there’s no snow day coming (while uncorking the Pinot, of course.)

  • 9

    The Plowers

    They’re the snow plow owners and drivers, praying for a never-ending blizzard in the hopes of boosting their bank accounts.

  • 10

    The Radio DJs

    They just hope everyone stays calm, stays adequately prepared, and stays tuned for the latest info (and that the snow stays away, ‘cause there’s no snow days in radio!)