Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston’s Family Developing Reality Show
Since Whitney Houston‘s death nearly four months ago, there has been a lot of drama behind the scenes with the surviving family. Now viewers will be able to get an inside look at how they are coping with the loss of the late pop icon and how they are moving forward with their lives.
Whitney Houston Dies At 48
Multiple reports this evening that singer Whitney Houston has died. From the 1980's to 90's Whitney Houston was one the most powerful performers in music and stared in hit movies like "The Bodyguard" and "Waiting to Exhale." S…
Whitney Houston is Flat Broke, Report Says[VIDEO]
It sounds like more bad news for troubled singer Whitney Houston.  Apparently, Whitney's finances have hit bottom.  According to RadarOnLine.com, she's broke.  The 48 year old singer-who has overcome a crack cocaine addiction- has allegedly spent all of her fortune, includin…