Borgata Casino & Hotel

Atlantic City Is Hiring
Borgata Hotel, Casino & Spa is advertising job openings in a variety of areas, including positions in culinary, hospitality and finance and cashiering.
Impossible Trivia Question
Singer-Songwriter Jackson Browne brings his solo acoustic tour to Atlantic City’s Borgata Casino Hotel on Saturday, January 2nd. 
Playing guitar and piano, Jackson will perform songs from his entire body of work, with varying set lists each night.
Meghan Trainor Will Not Do AC in September
If you've been waiting to see Meghan Trainor perform in AC, it looks like that is not going to happen anytime soon.  First Meghan was scheduled to come to Borgata's new Festival Park on 7/3.  Then the show was postponed due to a vocal chord injury.  Later it was rescheduled …