Here is news you should be aware of if you live in Atlantic County, New Jersey. There has been a confirmed finding of a second domestic cat who tested positive for rabies.

Atlantic County released this press information today after the confirmation of the rabies and I thought you would want to see it for yourself.

Not only does the release give the history of this rabies case and information on what rabies is and how to avoid it, but it also provides the dates and times for the next free rabies vaccination for your pets being offered by Atlantic County.  It's Good information you should definitely take note of.  All the best... Eddie

Second Case of Rabies in a Domestic Cat Confirmed

A second domestic cat has tested positive for rabies in Atlantic County as reported today by the Atlantic County Division of Public Health.

The 10-year old cat was surrendered by its owners on July 6 after it had uncharacteristically bitten and scratched two of the residents of the home located on Atlantic Avenue in Egg Harbor Township. The cat, which had never been vaccinated for rabies, was very aggressive and appeared sick with a relatively fresh wound of unknown origin on its face. The cat was euthanized and sent for rabies testing at the state lab where it was confirmed positive on July 10.

The two individuals who were bitten and scratched are seeking post-rabies treatment. A dog who shares the home is current with its rabies vaccination, according to an investigation by the Division of Public Health.

Rabies is a viral disease that can be fatal if left untreated. It is most common in raccoons and bats, but has also been found in foxes, skunks, cats, groundhogs and other wildlife in New Jersey. Atlantic County reported its first case of rabies in 2013 in a Buena Vista raccoon in March, and in June a Hamilton Township cat tested positive. Last year three cases of rabies were confirmed and in 2011 there were 12 cases.

Health officials remind residents about the importance of vaccinating their pets to protect them from rabies. The Atlantic County Animal Shelter offers a free rabies vaccination clinic to residents each month at 240 Old Turnpike Road, Pleasantville. The next clinic will be held on Sunday, July 21 from 10 AM to 12 noon. Dogs must be brought on leashes and cats in carriers. For more information, call (609) 485-2345 or visit

If you have been bitten or exposed to an animal through a scratch or had any contact with the animal’s saliva, you should seek immediate medical attention and report the bite to the Atlantic County Division of Public Health by calling 609-645-5971.


For more information about rabies control and precautions to protect your family and your pets, please visit the county Web site at or call 609-645-5971.