Reaction to the selection of Congressman Paul Ryan by Mitt Romney to be his running mate.


“We need thoughtful leaders who want to solve our problems and strengthen our economy like Congressman Ryan, not politicians like Bob Menendez who make our problems worse.

With 42 months of over 8% unemployment, rising poverty levels, and declining household incomes it is clear Bob Menendez has failed New Jersey.

That’s why New Jersey will vote this November for change.”


“During my brief time in Congress, I have seen firsthand what a smart, serious and solutions-oriented leader Paul Ryan is and I am proud to call him my friend. Governor Romney knows that we cannot continue down the irresponsible path of raising taxes on working families, small businesses and seniors to pay for the runaway spending and borrowing of career politicians in Washington.

I strongly support his decision to pick Congressman Ryan and look forward to working with them to end business as usual in Washington and bring about the economic and fiscal reforms we need to create jobs and balance the budget.”


“Congressman Runyan has time and again sided with party leaders against the interests of middle-class families and seniors.

No greater example exists than the Ryan-Runyan budgets that would dismantle Medicare costing future beneficiaries $6,400 more a year, and providing tax breaks for millionaires, Big Oil and companies that ship American jobs overseas.

Today, middle-class families and seniors in the Third District will hear the warning alarms because the Ryan-Runyan budget received a national stage to follow through on their harmful agenda.”


“By selecting Congressman Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate, Governor Romney has sent a potent message to seniors and all Americans that he supports the dismantling of Medicare and an economic plan that puts millionaires above the Middle Class.

“For months, Democrats in Congress have fought against the Ryan Budget because we are entirely committed to maintaining the Medicare guarantee and making sure that seniors continue to have access to affordable health care. The Ryan plan ends the Medicare guarantee as we know it and turns it into a voucher system, eliminating benefits for millions of Americans. The Romney-Ryan Budget hurts Americans, inhibits economic growth and will set our nation back decades.

“Today’s news makes the GOP agenda clear: priority #1 is to eliminate Medicare and ALWAYS put the interests of millionaires over the needs of the Middle Class. Democrats have a different view and remain committed to putting the Middle Class first, and we will continue to fight every day for seniors and keeping the Medicare guarantee.”


“Whether it’s making $10,000 bets or looking awkward pushing a shopping cart, just when you thought Mitt Romney couldn’t be more out of touch with the American people, he selects Congressman Ryan as his running mate.

Mr. Ryan not only proposed to partially privatize social security, not only proposed cuts to programs that help the middle class and working poor, but he also proposed to end Medicare as we know it.  That kind of cold, methodical calculating might have been great if Ryan was looking for a spot at Bain Capital.  But it is not what the American people need in a vice president.

With his selection today, Mitt Romney continues to show that he has the wrong vision for America.”


“It is obvious that the Romney campaign is failing but the selection of Paul Ryan will make a bad policy agenda even worse.

Ryan reinforces the worst of a Republican agenda that would move the country in the wrong direction and, in the process, abandon many of the priorities and services that have served the needs of the great diversity of Americans.

NJ REPUBLICAN Chairman Samuel Raia

“The selection of Congressman Paul Ryan to serve as Mitt Romney’s vice presidential running mate is tremendous news for the Republican Party and I send him my sincerest congratulations.  For years, Congressman Ryan has fearlessly and thoughtfully led the national debate about how to forge a better and more prosperous path for our country with real conservative solutions. President Obama has not only failed to lead, but recklessly driven our country into untold mountains of debt, and Congressman Ryan is the strong leader who will help Mitt Romney get America back on track.”