According to Harvey Cedars Beach Patrol, a Portuguese Man o' war was found washed up on the beach last Friday, July 7, according to CBS 3 Philadelphia.

The Portuguese man o' war is known for its dangerous tentacles that if stung, it can be extremely painful.

It is not the first time the jellyfish has been found on the beach at the Harvey Cedar Beach. One man o' war was found towards the end of the summer last year and more were found in 2015.

When a man o’ war stings, its long tentacles release thousands of microscopic venom-injecting capsules. On contact with skin, they deliver a toxic chemical cocktail into its victim.

The effects of this venom can range from mild to life threatening, but typically include immediate pain that can last upwards of 15 to 20 minutes. In more severe cases, a sting can trigger chest pain, difficulty breathing, and even death.

Here is an interesting video from National Geographic with more information on the Portuguese Man O'War.