Anyone looking for an inspiring story should watch Adam Slack's video of how he lost 376 pounds!  Adam weighed 576 pounds the day he fell faint at his job as a casino security guard.He says the turning point that saved his life was... when his doctor asked him bluntly, " Mr. Slack, what do you want in your obituary?  Do you want want a long one or a short one?  The hospital will pick up the cost." Offended, Slack told the doctor to get out of his room, but the question was just the encouragement he needed.

Today, Adam Sack weighs 209 pounds and has replaced his size 68 pants with a size 34.  He will be reunited with Dr. Ireneo Bustamante of Atlantic Emergency Associates, the doctor he credits with saving his life, on Tuesday Nov. 15th @  2pm at the AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center Atlantic City Campus.

If you don't seem to be able to lose that pesky 20 pounds, watch this video and hear Adam's amazing story!