Get ready to see some giant dredging equipment off the coast of Ocean City ...over the next three months. A $15.8 million beach  project to replenish sand from Beach Road to 14th Street is set to begin this weekend.

The 309-foot dredge will operate 24 hours a day over the next 95 days to pump sand, some of which was washed away by Hurricane Sandy, from the ocean floor to the beachfront. 1.8 million cubic yards of sand is expected to be moved during the project.

The dredge, a large, barge-like vessel, will be parked offshore, far enough away that its noise will not bother local residents, officials say.

The city of Ocean City is only on the hook for about 9% of the cost of the project.  The rest includes $5.5 million in federal Sandy relief and state D.E.P. funds.

If the project stays on schedule, it should conclude just in time for the summer beach season. But if you love to spend time on the Ocean City beach and boards in the winter and spring, get ready to see a little off-shore traffic.