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This morning's question pertained to what to give Dad... for Father's Day this Sunday.  Buying a gift for my father has always been a challenging endeavor, but it seems to became even  more difficult the older he gets.  He doesn't really want much and what he really wants, he already has.  That's makes for a tough gift-buying assignment.

So,  I dedicate this round of Impossible Trivia to my Dad.  It also gives me a reason to put a picture of my Dad on the Lite Rock web site!

This morning's question?  According to one survey, what does Dad want second most for Father's Day this year?

The answer?  A home-cooked meal!

Here's the top five for gift -giving ideas for your Dad...

1-A tablet or smartphone

2-home-cooked meal

3-tickets for sporting event

4- power tools

5-a guilt-free weekend with some friends