Paul Simon and Sting On Stage Together, is the hot concert pairing of the early 2014 concert season!

The idea for the tour grew from an Atlantic City Paul Simon show last June at Borgata when Sting made a surprise appearance to preform acoustic versions of The Boxer by Paul Simon and Fields Of Gold by Sting as duets.

The tour will include both Paul Simon’s band as well as Sting’s band with some tunes played by each artist alone and some together.

This week on the Lite Rock Morning Show with Eddie Davis, I’m giving you a chance to see these two great artists together on Friday,March 7th at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.

Play Lite Rock Impossible Trivia weekday mornings at 7:20am for your chance to win tickets to see Paul Simon and Sting together in Philly.

This morning’s holdover question: Researchers say this is a great way to stop an itch (other than scratching it).  What is it?

The answer? Look in a mirror and scratch the opposite side of your body, tricking your brain to believe you are scratching the spot!

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