In these tough economic times and with almost everybody on a tight budget holiday tipping can be a real challenge. Holiday tipping is another way of saying thank you. Hopefully these helpful hints will help.

1. Au pair, babysitter, nanny

Suggested tip:  One week's pay and a gift from your child(ren)-- You likely now this person well since he or she works with your family. Maybe a personal gift especially if the person lives with you.

2. Dog walkers and pet groomers

Suggested tip:  Dog walker: Up to the cost of one session --You can also give a gift valued at roughly the same amount as the cash tip. You can do a smaller tip if you only go to the groomer a couple times  a year.

3. Hair stylist or barber

Suggested tip:  The cost  of one visit-- If your really like your stylist, show them you appreciate it.

4. Gardener or landscaper

Suggested tip: If you only have one gardener, then tip the cost of one visit or one week's work will suffice.

5 Children's teacher

Suggested tip: small personal thoughtful  gift from you and/or your child--Cash is not appropriate for teachers. education

6. Trash and recycling collectors

Suggested tip:  $10 to $30 each-- Cash tip or gift (for private companies).

7. Nurse

Suggested tip: a thoughtful meaningful  gift that will show your appreciation --

8. Package delivery or mail carrier

Suggested tip:  Small gift, up to $20 in value--The U.S. Postal Service does not allow any kind of cash gift...  Most private delivery companies discourage or prohibit cash gifts, so check the policy, or stick with a small gift.