There is nothing quite like the excitement of seeing your favorite band/artist perform live.  Sure, it's nice to watch a concert DVD or see a concert streaming live from your computer.  But it's just not the same as being there live and in person.  Unless of course you're there...but you're not really there.  You know what I mean??

If you don't know what I mean, then look around the next time you go to a concert.  And I guarantee you will see the same thing...a lot of people who are not even watching the show.  Why??  Because they're too busy videotaping the concert with their phone, or sending pics to Facebook, or tweeting about the show on Twitter, or texting their friends who weren't lucky enough to be there live.  And hey, if you are lucky enough to be there live, why don't you just watch the show??  Sure, it's great to have a video to post on Youtube or pics to share with friends, but here's the thing.  You're missing out!!  Anyone can watch the concert later, but you're there watching it right now!  Don't you want to see it all in real time??  After all, isn't that why you bought tix in the first place??

So next time you're at a concert, try watching the concert.  Take a pic or two if you like, but then put the cell away...and enjoy the live experience because it's the best!!  :)