A gift should make someone happy, not sad or even angry. There are some gifts you should avoid this holiday season.

Good Housekeeping has a list of Christmas gift giving mistakes to steer clear of.

1. You bring flowers to a holiday party. Your hostess will have to take care of the flowers immediately. Instead, bring a bottle of wine or maybe a scented candle.

2. You have to cut back this year. You should not make mention of this at all. Have a honest conversation with your family of friends. A Secret Santa maybe a way to still exchange gifts with family and friends.

3. Don't give your boss an over-the-top gift.  Giving your boss or supervisor an expensive gift may look like you're trying to win them over.

 4.  Don't re-gift. I know we're all guilty of this. If you re-gift you run the risk of huritng someone's feelings. Especially if you get caught re-gifting.

5. Don't make an excuse if you get caught empty-handed. We've all used the line "I left your gift home." Unexpected gifts don't have to be reciprocated.  It's best to simply offer your thanks. You could send a heartfelt thank you card at a later date.