Nicole Gaffney, South Jersey's contestant on the show "Food Network Star",  has made the cut to the final three of the TV competition.

Sunday night, the Brigantine personal chef was chosen along with cowboy Lenny McNab and Italian-Texan chef Luca Della Casa, one of which will win his or her own show on the Food Network in next week’s finale.

Texas chef Sarah Penrod was eliminated on last night's episode. After Sarah was told she wouldn’t be competing in the finale, the remaining three contestants created and aired their TV pilots – the final step in this 10-week adventure. Robert Irvine of Restaurant: Impossible was the on-site mentor who gave no-nonsense feedback whether the contestants wanted it or not.

Each of the three chefs showed a glimmer of star power in his or her unique way: Lenny with his dorky dance moves while he flipped a coffee-crusted bone-in filet on the grill; Nicole with her command over a light-hearted dinner party at which she served barbecued clams; and Luca with his authentic stories of learning to cook from his Italian grandma while he cooked, yes, Italian food.

You can see all three pilots here and place a vote to help our local chef become the next Food Network Star!