How low can you go? How about walking onto someone's front yard and stealing a child's fairy houses?

That's what happened in an Egg Harbor Township Bargaintown neighborhood. A homeowner reports her security camera captured the theft in broad daylight!

Anonymous Homeowner - Used with permission

Two woman pull their car into the driveway, jump out and grab the little fairy houses that belonged to a 10-year old girl. One of the houses was made by the girl herself from seashells she collected at the beach! (By the way, Mom describes a fairy house: "It’s just a little decorative house that the garden fairies 'live' in outside. It’s a little girl thing. Like a tiny doll house for outside.")

Anonymous Homeowner - Used with permission

As the mom points out, the value of the ceramic houses isn't that much - mostly just sentimental value to the family. Says mom, "Hate that my daughter had to have little piece of her innocence lost."

Anonymous Homeowner - Used with permission

Why would someone do this? Did the women case the house out before pulling off this big heist?

The theft has been reported to Egg Harbor Township Police. If these thieves are recognizable to you, please contact police.

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If you're one of the two women in the video and photos, we urge you to do the right thing - take the items back and apologize. If you're not adult enough to do that, please drop them off at the police station. If that doesn't work, please drop them off at the front door of our studios - 950 Tilton Road, Suite 200 in Northfield.

I can't imagine what these two women are thinking about their big heist...

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