You've got to hand it to Richard Wiseman.  The psychologist, author and performer, who says he is known for debunking claims of paranormal phenomena, has a book out, "59 Seconds: Think a Little, Change a lot", where he claims he can show you real ways to improve your life in just 59 seconds a topic.


Does it really work?  I don't know and since he's the guy who would normally debunk this type of thing, I guess we'll have to just take his word for it.

From his book, here is a video where Wiseman shows you how to determine if you are a good liar in just five seconds You should be able to tell if your friends are good liars, too.  At least they said they were your friends.  They might have been lying.

Watch the video, then leave me your thoughts on Mr. Wiseman and his spot-a-liar system in the comments section below.